Sugar free

Alternative ingredients

Polyols such as isomalt and maltitol syrup:These are made using the same raw materials as sugar (wheat, corn and sugar beet). They have fewer calories, which means our sugar free sweets have 25% to 40% fewer calories than similar sweets made with sugar. However, sugar free sweets are ‘less sweet’.

Sucralose, made from sugar: With 500 to 600 times more sweetening power than sucrose, very small quantities are required to give a sweet flavour. Its calorie content is therefore negligible and it has no unpleasant aftertaste. Our sugar free sweets do not contain aspartame.

Stevia is a plant originating from South America, that has been used for centuries for its sweetening properties. The sweet flavour of our sugar free sweets is provided by extracts from this plant (steviol glycosides) which have a naturally sweet taste. Find more information about stevia at

Sugar free sweets are gentle on teeth

Polyols do not cause tooth decay; clinical studies have proven their non-cariogenic nature.
Eating foods made with polyols as an alternative to sugar helps reduce tooth demineralisation.

Sugar free sweets and diabetes

Our sugar free sweets have a lower glycemic index than sweets made with sugar. They are therefore of special interest for people on a low-carbohydrate diet.