Especially for chocolate and marshmallow aficionados, just take a look at our marshmallow treats!
For a long time, these tasty cubs were only available in milk chocolate. Then one day, we decided there was no reason why white and dark chocolate lovers shouldn’t enjoy such a tender delight.

              > White chocolate Ti’Nounours

              > Milk chocolate Ti’Nounours

              > Dark chocolate Ti’Nounours

All sweet-lovers will be licking their lips. 
The most recent Ti’Nounours is just too sweet to resist!
Ti’Nounours are available in family-size packs (600g and 1kg)

The TI’NOUNOURS family

These bears have a tender and irresistible marshmallow heart…
They are available in your favourite flavour: dark, milk or white chocolate. Children find them purely delightful, and they are a delicious journey back in time for not-so-little ones.
So let your Ti’Nounours Family jump into the shopping cart: no shoving now, there’s enough for everyone!