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A BREATH OF FRESHNESS Unbeatable freshness! Croibleu sweets are full of intense flavour and a unique refreshing taste. Anyone who has tried them realises to what extent… you can even recognise them without seeing them! Such is the intense and unparalleled freshness of Croibleu Pine Syrup, Eucalyptus or Raspberry&blackberry. There is a flavour to suit … Continued

Tradition 1912

PASTILLE DU MINEUR Certainly a strong character!It’s as black as coal, made from a unique blend of plant extracts and is a huge success with anyone looking for fresh and intense sensations. But where does that strength of character actually come from? It all started in 1914The story of Pastille du Mineur began during the … Continued

Head Bangers

SWEETS THAT BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF! Head Bangers are especially for all sweet-lovers young and old who think that lemon juice is too sweet, or who find that redcurrants and grapefruits are not sour enough. Ready? Hold on to your taste buds! A MOUTH-PUCKERING DELIGHT Head Bangers are the one and only, strongest ever. Sweets … Continued


THE CHOCOLATE-COVERED BEAR CUB Especially for chocolate and marshmallow aficionados, just take a look at our marshmallow treats! For a long time, these tasty cubs were only available in milk chocolate. Then one day, we decided there was no reason why white and dark chocolate lovers shouldn’t enjoy such a tender delight.       … Continued

Souris caramel

THE MOUSE WITH A CARAMEL HEART Squeak with delight!Beneath the milk chocolate coating of our Souris lies a delicious toffee centre appreciated by all true lovers of caramel; either let the caramel slowly melt in your mouth or take a big bite and chew!A true feast to share amongst children and adults. Real caramel that … Continued

Verquin French Confiseur

Verquin French Confiseur Soft and tangy treats! Fruity, minty, sour… Each packet contains a mixture of flavours and each sweet, whether hard or soft, hides a delicious surprise to be sucked or chewed beneath its outer shell.

Our private labels

OUR PRIVATE LABELS Our renowned expertise in the confectionery business means we were the first to develop partnerships with major retailers. Today we are French experts, present in international markets as well as the pharmaceutical field. Our flexibility, proactive approach and knowledge of both markets and consumers are significant assets, highlighted by our sales and … Continued


Bool So cute, so sweet, so cool, so Bool! Small round sweets that you can chew… and chew… and chew! They’re cute, surprising and as round as marbles. Sugar-crazy kids will just love them! Beneath their colourful shell that is so appealing to children, Bool’s have a soft chewy centre to prolong the pleasure and … Continued